tisdag 31 augusti 2010


Sorry guys not updating last 2 days. I've been at a cruise a common "Finlandskryssning" were you cruise 23 hours from Sweden to Finland mostly for taxfree to get cheap beer and have a fun night out. Went with old classmates who I graduated in june. Was very fun to see them again and especially Andreas who had been out to US for a year. Had a very fun time though.

Todays informercial, how long wounds can take to heal with piercings. Also other risks you get from piercing that area


söndag 29 augusti 2010


Playing mortal online right now and I'm incredily bored, training sword to get my skill up. Whack whack whack, wait for stamina, keep on whacking. Not fun at all, but must be done in order to get this frickin character somewhere.

Heres a picture of my current screen.

Looks fun eh? Probably gonna ride out later tonight in the name of PETA and whack some animal killers. Full LOOT ftw.

http://Mortalonline.com if you want to check it out. Its a pretty hardcore MMORPG with no levels, no quests and no "musts" in the game, its all about what you want to do.


Did a 1½ hour pass at the mat earlier today, did some really good rolling today and got a few nice submissions in. Really happy about it.

Anyways, today infomercial! Lets go for it

Also I thought I could throw in some personal info about myself. I play alot of Mortal Online and Heroes of Newerth, decently skilled both of those games. Would love to meet some MO'ers here.

Well have a good one.

lördag 28 augusti 2010

First post

Alright, this is gonna be a infomercial blogg. I will post daily a picture and a description about it in almost every post. I might do some private posting aswell, I don't know.

The infomercials will be very random of their subject. It can be all from how to get a girl to how to mix paint for a certain color. You see the direction.

As you can see on this picture you know what it can do. 
PS, I don't take any credit for the picture(s) and its not mine.

The swede.