tisdag 31 augusti 2010


Sorry guys not updating last 2 days. I've been at a cruise a common "Finlandskryssning" were you cruise 23 hours from Sweden to Finland mostly for taxfree to get cheap beer and have a fun night out. Went with old classmates who I graduated in june. Was very fun to see them again and especially Andreas who had been out to US for a year. Had a very fun time though.

Todays informercial, how long wounds can take to heal with piercings. Also other risks you get from piercing that area


5 kommentarer:

  1. very informative picture. i just got my nipple pierced :P

  2. dude, that's fucking awesome, must do

  3. This picture contains every reason why I'm never gonna get a piercing, Great stuff.


  4. Son, I am NOT disappoint! Checking in to show some love ;)